Where tech meets wellness, and life flows

Harmonizing digital and physical worlds, making wellness accessible and integrated into every aspect of life.

Driving Innovation Across Technology, Wellness, and Life Cycles

Our Ventures

Ghida Labs

Specializing in web and mobile development, SEO, and digital strategies for businesses in Norrland.


Empowering women to take control of their menstrual health with data-driven insights. App currently in development.

Online Office Yoga

Reimagining corporate wellness through our yoga-as-a-service model, offering live digital yoga classes.

Yoga With Ida

On-demand yoga to improve your mental focus, performance, and emotional balance.

Tailoring Our Approach to Meet Your Unique Needs

How We Work

Consult & Analyze

We start by understanding your unique needs across various domains of technology and well-being.

Custom Solutions

Based on your needs, we direct you toward the most effective services or products across our ventures.

Seamless Execution

No matter the solution, expect high-quality delivery managed by our network of experts.

Ongoing Support

Beyond delivery, we provide continued support to maximize the benefits of our services and products.

Balancing Tech and Well-being for a Better Life

About Us

Founded in 2023 by Ida Stjernström and Ghia Yuson, Yoginify was conceived as a vision to harmonize our increasingly digital lives with fundamental elements of human wellness. With a background in strategy, consulting, technology, and wellness, we recognized a unique opportunity to bridge these seemingly disparate domains.


+46 73 306 1881

Visiting Address

Creative House, Älvtomtagatan 12, 703 42 Örebro

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